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Volkswagen Reveals Important Details About Its Upcoming EVs

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We could be looking at the next big thing in electric cars.

Volkswagen Group has big plans for its upcoming range of ID electric models, and rumors indicate the German automaker could reveal a new EV every month in 2019. Industry experts even predict VW and other German EVs will overtake Tesla by 2021.

Those are big claims considering we've only seen concept versions of VW's ID models thus far. Though these ID models still aren't ready for production, VW has given us a taste of what we can expect as part of the company's new Electric For All campaign.

Ok, so we still don't get to see a full production model, but VW has revealed more details about its modular electric drive matrix (MEB) platform that will underpin its line of ID electric models. Approximately 10 million vehicles across the VW Group will be based on this new platform in the first phase alone.

Like a Tesla, the MEB platform houses its batteries in the floorpan, allowing VW to mount different bodies and install larger batteries to increase the range. VW claims the batteries can be charged by 80 percent in just 30 minutes thanks to a new fast-charging 'People's Wallbox' that can be installed in your home.

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VW is making a huge push towards its EV future with over $7 billion of investment in European plants to build its new EV models. The company plans to sell 150,000 electric cars in 2020, including 100,000 ID models built in Germany, encompassed by 27 different models based on the MEB platform from the VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat brands. If VW is successful, it could completely change the EV market. VW says these new electric models shouldn't be much more expensive than their gas-engined counterparts, which should do wonders for paving the way towards an electric future.