Volkswagen Reveals Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas

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Who wouldn't want cookies shaped like a Volkswagen T1 camper?

In the days leading up to Christmas, many people are panicking to finish up their holiday shopping before the mall parking lots become an unbearable battlefield. To help make the shopping experience easier, automakers are starting to reveal their holiday gift catalogs, which can be ordered online. Mopar revealed its gift guide last week, which included ugly sweaters, Jeep parts, and even a Hellcat engine. Now, Volkswagen is taking its turn to recommend some car-themed Christmas gift ideas.


The themed gift ideas start off with a set of ornaments, which look like a classic Beetle and an original VW Bus. Our favorite item on the list is a GTI-branded umbrella, which even replicates the plaid seats found on a Golf GTI. There's also a GTI-themed sled, which VW says is built for both adults and children. If you don't live in an area where it snows, a TTI chronograph may be a better gift idea. It even features a honeycomb design, like the grille of a GTI, and red-stitched leather strap.

Some other gift ideas on the list include a GTI-themed drawstring bag and a cookie cutter shaped like a classic T1 camper van. For a more practical gift, VW is also offering two Autoglym gift boxes - the Perfect Interior pack and the Perfect Bodywork pack. The interior pack includes vinyl and rubber care, fast glass, and interior shampoo while the bodywork pack includes gloss protection, resin polish, and bodywork shampoo. All of these gifts can now be ordered via VW's website or found at your local VW dealership.

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