Volkswagen Reveals Yet Another Pickup Truck Concept

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When will VW finally stop making concepts and give us what we want?

For years, we've been begging Volkswagen to reenter the truck segment in the US. However, building a truck in the US is difficult because of tax reasons and the segment is also extremely competitive. VW recently revealed the Atlas Tanoak Concept, a truck specifically developed with the US market in mind. Unfortunately, the truck has yet to be greenlit for production because VW is afraid to compete in the "Patriotic" truck segment.

We always believed VW could sell the Amarok in the US, and a recent rumor of a partnership with Ford added further fuel to the fire for a potential US market truck. Now, the German automaker has just teased a new concept, which gives us a bit more insight into its pickup truck plans.

At the São Paulo International Motor Show in Brazil, VW will show off a new concept vehicle called the Pioneering Pickup Concept. The concept will be revealed on November 6 and so far we only have a single sketch to show what it will look like. VW says the Pioneering Pickup Concept "fuses the features of a digitally networked SUV and the versatility of a consistently well-thought-out pickup to form a new, urban-oriented vehicle." This includes features like a multivariable loading area, which can be extended using a folding rear panel.


VW is positioning the concept below the Amarok but basing it on the MQB platform, which also underpins the Tiguan and Atlas. The model on display will be a near-production concept, which will preview an eventual production model. Since VW is showing this concept in Brazil, we don't hold too much hope that it will arrive stateside. However, VW says the truck's potential is so great, "the vehicle concept could conceivably be suitable for other regions." It may be a long shot but we are still holding out hope for VW to sell a truck in the US.


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