Volkswagen Rolls Out Red Carpet For GTI Reifnitz

Volkswagen has officially rolled out the red carpet for their famed GTI at this year's Worthersee. And now, they have revealed their new GTI Reifnitz concept. It features a Stage III turbo kit and intercooler from APR along with an RSC performance exhaust. The end result is a mighty fast car. The GTI Reifnitz produces an incredible output of 370hp from an already fast engine that usually produces 210hp.

It's also been fitted with a more aggressive wide-body aero kit and hood with twin vents which features a somewhat American look with its red, white and blue color scheme. The interior has been equipped with a roll cage and wrapped in beautiful Alcantara. The Volkswagen GTI Reifnitz concept gets its name from the town where the festival takes place.

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