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Volkswagen Routan - Rebadged Chrysler

The 2010 Volkswagen Routan minivan is repackaged Chrysler Town and Country minivan with the VW emblem destined for the US market. This isn't like the Microbus that we know, but it's not a bad minivan either. The 2010 Routan has plenty of room you, your passengers, and your belongings. The Routan has all the classic hallmarks of a Chrysler minivan, but lacks VW features like the interior finishes and the engine.

The 2010 Routan comes with cruise control, an entertainment system for the kidsm large amounts of starage in the cabin, including multiple secure and hidden compartments. Surprisingly, the Routan is also fuel efficient, giving you approximately 100 miles for about a quarter tank of gas. The Routan catches a lot of flack from critics, but it still has some solid merits.

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