Volkswagen's Electric Vehicle Line Won't Stop At The ID Concept

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No surprise, the brand wants to make a crossover.

Volkswagen recently revealed the ID Concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The ID previews a hatchback model that will be based on the company's MEB electric platform. Like a Tesla, the ID has its battery integrated into the floor, meaning that it will have more room for cabin space. The ID is not the only electric model that the VW group has in the works. In an interview with CarAdvice, Volkswagen AG board member Jurgen Stackmann gave an idea of the 30 possible EV models that company hopes to unveil by 2025.

Stackmann said that, "I think in the next series of international motor shows you'll see where we're heading, more of the family thought." This means that the ID hatchback will be joined by SUV and crossover models. "We're going to expand our SUV range widely, as this type of vehicle will be the dominating vehicle type," said Stackmann. Clearly the VW group knows that SUVs are selling well and wants to hop aboard that gravy train. "The shape of an SUV probably will play a certain role [in the EV family]. It seems to be the number-one wanted shape, so ignoring that would not be a wise decision," the VW exec continued. The VW Group hopes to sell 1 million EV vehicles per year by 2025.

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