Volkswagen's Taking A Chapter From Porsche With New Golf GTI

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Cutting weight is key.

Volkswagen doesn't think that four performance variants of the Golf are enough and is reportedly thinking about adding one more. A VW official spoke to Autocar and revealed that the brand is planning on making a hardcore variant of the Golf GTI Clubsport. The lightweight variant of the hot hatch promises to be even sportier than the recently released GTI Clubsport thanks to some weight saving procedures and a modest boost in performance. Unfortunately, due to VW's damaged image, the sportier hatchback may never go on sale.


The lightweight version of the GTI Clubsport loses the rear seat and sound deadening material in order to shed some weight over the base model's already scant 3,031 lbs. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine gets 20 more hp to 296 hp. The extra performance comes down to an increase in boost pressure and a higher ignition cut-out. VW engineers took inspiration from the Porsche 911 GT3 and wanted to attract customers that want a more track-oriented hot hatch.

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