Volkswagen Shows Off 5 Custom Cars That Enthusiasts Should Love

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VW can still make something cool after Dieselgate.

Volkswagen has had a tough time recently. Hot off the Dieselgate scandal, the brand can't just release enthusiast cars left and right. Doing so could cause the public to believe that Volkswagen hasn't taken the scandal seriously. Still, VW has to keep its fan base happy, and has now released five custom cars that will certainly appeal to enthusiasts. The five cars include a Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R, Jetta GLI, and Passat. Each has been customized in a way typical to Volkswagen owners.


The GTI takes the custom look to the extreme. The car is painted purple with 20-inch Vossen wheels. The car also has H&R coilovers and a roof mounted carrier box. We really dig the looks on the GTI, especially the wheels which look reminiscent of those on a Lamborghini Countach. Next up is is a complete throwback, with the Golf 1.8T honoring the Mk1 Volkswagen Rabbit. The car is wrapped in Bali Green paint with a set of gold 19-inch BBS Super Rs wheels. But VW didn't stop there. The car has also been lowered two inches with a set of H&R coilovers and boasts a roof rack for a bicycle and a lower black stripe to complete the retro-hipster look.

The Golf R and Jetta GLI were given a cool solid color paired with black wheels. This is a very modern look that many VW owners probably try to replicate cheaply with Plastidip. The Passat has a bit more done to it. The car is painted in Satin Ocean Shimmer blue with 20-inch Vossen wheels. The Passat is also equipped with air-ride suspension to appeal to the "stance" crowd. The car's trunk is apparently filled with wood panels that cover up the air-ride system from view. You can see these cars at events in New Jersey (Waterfest), Washington (Waterworks), Vermont (Wolfsgart), California (Fastivus), Maryland (H20 International), and Louisiana (NOLA Speed and Style).


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