Volkswagen Supercar Owners May Need to Buy "The Club"

An academic paper revealing the codes to turn on expensive luxury vehicles is fighting to see the light of day.

We don’t know much about scientists except that they are much smarter than us. So smart, in fact, that one computer scientist, Flavio Garcia, at the University of Birmingham has decoded the complex algorithm used for identifying the ignition key of Porsches, Audis, Bentleys and Lamborghinis. The reason for doing so? To protect uninformed owners of how easily their expensive cars can get stolen from the ignition technology they are equipped with.

Mr. Garcia and his team wanted to publish the codes in a paper for an upcoming Symposium, but were temporarily denied thanks to Volkswagen handing the research team an injunction that was recently granted by UK courts. Garcia’s team explained that their aim was to improve security, stating that "the industry and criminals know security is weak but the public do not." The courts found in Volkswagen’s favor fearing that "car crime will be facilitated." Still, "The Club" steeling wheel lock for $30 on eBay is looking like a good idea. Just in case.

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