Volkswagen T1 Fanwagen Selected as Facebook-Themed Vehicle

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Facebook junkies in the Netherlands have a chance to maintain their high behind the wheel with the VW T1 Fanwagen up for grabs.

Volkswagen Netherlands recently held an advertising campaign where fans were asked on facebook to 'Like' either the T1 or Beetle, with the winning model to be transformed into a functioning social media machine before being put up as a competition prize. The results are now in and with the lion share of the votes it's the T1 that's to be converted into a one-off facebook-themed vehicle. Dutch agency Ahtung! will build the VW Fanwagen with a host of facebook-related functions.

On the dashboard a built-in 'feed-o-matic' device prints the last ten posts of a user's news feed at the touch of a button; the driver's relationship status appears in a small panel below the rear license plate, and can be set via a small scroll wheel; the horn will be replaced by a 'poke' button 'made to grasp the attention of other drivers;' and the door handles are labeled with 'add friends.' Other lighthearted interpretations of the insanely popular website include 'add friends' labeled on the door handles, a bulletin board 'wall' on the side doors can be used to leave 'posts' and photos via the instant camera, and there's an 'inbox' glove compartment.

The rear view mirror will become the 'chat mirror' and there are three privacy settings that can be adjusted by opening and closing the built-in curtains.

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One lucky winner will take ownership of the Fanwagen version of the T1 after voting in Netherlands ends on 18 December, and upon delivery it will contain a map marked with the locations of all their facebook friends.

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