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Volkswagen Teases Electric Beach Buggy On Christmas Card

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Reports suggest a new Volkswagen I.D. electric beach buggy will debut at Geneva next year.

Last month, a report emerged that Volkswagen is planning to revive the classic Meyers Manx beach buggy as a modern electric car. This seems feasible as the automaker has shown interest in making a new beach buggy when it unveiled the Buggy Up concept back in 2011. However, Volkswagen hasn't released any teaser images to back up these claims.

This has now changed, as Autocar has uncovered a mysterious teaser image on a company Christmas card. The card features a shadowy sketch of an open-top beach-buggy-style vehicle being driven by Santa Claus, which could be teasing the upcoming I.D. beach buggy.

The new model is allegedly described as a modern interpretation of the original rear-engined Beetle-based Manx buggy that's currently under construction at Volkswagen's Braunschweig-based R&D center in Germany. Autocar claims it has an open-top design featuring a low-set body, a free-standing windshield, a roll-over bar and large wheels.

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Volkswagen is also considering adding it to its upcoming line-up of zero-emissions I.D. models, the first of which is set to debut in Q3 2019 as a production version of the original I.D. hatch concept. There could be more retro-inspired electric cars on the way from VW, as the beach buggy will apparently complement the Microbus-inspired Buzz van and a top secret five-door hatchback that's expected to be a recreation of the Beetle. We'll have to wait until the 2019 Geneva Motor Show in March to find out if these reports are true.