Volkswagen Teases I.D. Crossover Coupe Concept For Shanghai

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The next electric VW I.D. concept will have a range on par with conventional gasoline cars.

Volkswagen is on a mission to become the leading electric car manufacturer in a bid to reidentify itself in the wake of the disastrous Dieselgate scandal, with the ambitious aim to sell one million EVs by 2025. As part of its all-encompassing electric I.D. range, last year saw the reveal of the Volkswagen I.D. Concept hatchback, followed by the I.D. Buzz at Detroit this year which will eventually become an electrified Microbus. At the Shanghai Auto Show this month, VW will reveal its third I.D. concept in the form of a coupe-style crossover.

Shown for the first time in a teaser image, Volkswagen says the fully electric crossover concept will be a mashup of a four-door coupe and sport utility vehicle. A few distinct design features can be seen in the teaser image, including some slender rear taillights and an illuminated VW logo which will distinguish the I.D. brand on the manufacturer's future electric vehicles. The as-yet-unnamed crossover concept was conceived as a "sporty, interactively designed zero-emission all-rounder," designed to be just as capable off-road as it is on city streets thanks to its electric all-wheel drive system. Its "long driving range" is also said to be on a par with conventional gasoline vehicles.

Like the previous I.D. concepts, the crossover concept will pave the way for a production model in a few years and features autonomous driving capabilities, which can be activated by pushing the VW logo on the steering wheel. Once activated, the wheel retracts into the cockpit which transforms into an all-digital display operated by touch controls. Laser scanners, ultrasonic and radar cameras will then monitor surroundings and other road users. After the reveal of the Volkswagen I.D. crossover concept at the Shanghai Auto Show in April, we can then expect to see an electric sedan, with features that will "surprise," join the I.D. concept family at a later date, possibly at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

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