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Volkswagen Tells Us The Arteon Will Arrive Soon In The US

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VW's flagship will finally make the trip from Europe.

We've been fielding plenty of questions lately asking when we will do a review of the upcoming Volkswagen Arteon. Sadly, we've continuously had to answer with a "sorry, Volkswagen still hasn't made it available in the US." For those following the Arteon timeline, the car was introduced way back in February of 2017 as a replacement for the discontinued CC. The car then went on sale in Europe, with no mention of when it would arrive in the US.

Fast forward to February of 2018, and the Arteon made its US debut at the Chicago Auto Show. We received word that it will come in SE, SEL, and SEL Premium trims along with VW's impressive six-years/72,000-mile warranty, but there was still no word on pricing - odd, but not unheard of for a car that was supposedly arriving soon.

At this point, we were worried that VW had changed its mind, leaving the Arteon as a Europe-only model. At the US debut, VW did say we could expect the Arteon to arrive at US dealers in the third quarter of 2018, but this was even more worrying. The third quarter refers to the months of July, August, and September - we are now halfway through September, and still no Arteon.

Clearly, the Arteon is running a bit late, so we reached out to VW to see when we could expect the car to arrive in US showrooms. Jessica Anderson, Product Communications Senior Specialist for VW, said: "Arteon is currently scheduled to arrive late Fall/early Winter."

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Hopefully, this means that we should see the Arteon in US showrooms by the end of 2018. However, this answer does leave open the possibility of the Arteon arriving in 2019, nearly two years after it made its initial debut in Europe. We just hope VW didn't take too long to bring the Arteon over, killing off any hype it may have initially built up.

All US Arteon models will be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged and direct-injection TSI engine, producing 268 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque going out to front- or all-wheel-drive. Despite the long wait, we are still looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the new Arteon.