Volkswagen Thinks Selling Skodas In The US Would Be 'Pure Suicide'


It's probably not worth holding out hope that Skoda will ever come stateside.

With Volkswagen's reputation in tatters in the aftermath of the well-publicized Dieselgate scandal, the idea of shipping Skodas to the US seemed like a wise move to try and re-brand the company stateside. While Skoda is apparently still deliberating whether this is feasible, Volkswagen isn't so keen on the idea, fearing that the obscurity of the Skoda brand in the US would be a tough sell. "We may be crazy, but we're not mad," a senior VW board member told Automobile Magazine in a recent interview.


"Entering this huge market with an unknown brand, a model range focused on Europe, and a non-existent dealer network is pure suicide. Furthermore, the last thing Volkswagen of America needs now is in-house cannibalization." The Czech company once ridiculed for its poor build quality and unappealing looks, has since blossomed into a reputable car company and a viable, more affordable alternative to VW. It recently found success in the crossover market with its new Kodiaq SUV which you can imagine being a hit in the US given the current crossover craze – just don't tell people it's based on the VW Tiguan.

Skoda will soon be unveiling a new Kodiaq coupe for the Chinese market, which is expected to arrive in Europe in 2019. Europe will also see the new Polar SUV replace the Yeti at some point which will borrow the same MQB platform underpinning cars such the VW Golf, Tiguan, and Skoda Octavia. Skoda is also delving into the electric market with its first zero emission, coupe-esque SUV reportedly launching in 2019. Seems a shame the US will probably be excluded.

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