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Volkswagen Tiguan All Set For Coupe SUV Treatment

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Expect it to be more expensive than the regular Tiguan.

The growing demand for SUVs has allowed manufacturers to experiment with different body styles. BMW started a trend when it introduced the coupe-style X6 SUV, and its success has paved the way for other coupe SUVs to follow. Volkswagen could be the latest manufacturer to follow this trend, as, according to French site Automobile Magazine, the automaker is allegedly planning to introduce a coupe version of the Tiguan crossover to sit alongside the more practical standard model.

Slated to arrive next year, the Tiguan Coupe will remain a five-door model but will have a significantly sportier and more aggressive body. The design of the front bumper is said to be more muscular, flanked with large air-intakes, a bolder grille and LED headlights, while the rear will gain sporty taillights and a new bumper as well. While the exterior will be radically different, the cabin will reportedly be mostly identical to the regular Tiguan and have the same dashboard, though it could have a more premium trim. Despite the reduced cabin size, Volkswagen will charge a premium for the coupe version, which is estimated to be around €1,500 ($1,819) more expensive than the regular model depending on the trim.

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Base models will allegedly be offered with front-wheel drive, while a 4Motion all-wheel drive system will be offered in higher specs. Tweaked suspension will also emphasize the Tiguan's sportier character. The French publication claims the Tiguan Coupe will be revealed at the second half of 2018. Volkswagen hasn't officially confirmed the model's existence yet however, so these details are all just rumors for now. That said, the idea of a Tiguan Coupe isn't far fetched considering the segment's popularity, and VW has been experimenting with different body styles recently, including a convertible version of the T-Roc.

Volkswagen also introduced the CrossBlue Coupe Concept back in 2013 but it never entered production, so a coupe-style SUV has clearly been under consideration for a while.