Volkswagen to Build a Subaru Outback Fighter

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VW plans to target Subaru's well-guarded territory with an AWD "sport utility wagon" all its own.

Volkswagen is on a quest to dominate the global automotive market. The German automotive giant even stated a few years back that it wants to become the largest car maker in the world by 2018. By doing so, it will need to take down both GM and Toyota. And as it turns out, even Subaru is now in its crosshairs. A new report is indicating that VW wants to expand into the all-wheel drive world. In fact, the car has reportedly been green lit and will be based on the upcoming Golf-based Jetta SportWagen.

Due to arrive in the US late next year, it will probably look quite similar to the Alltrack concept that was shown at the 2012 New York Auto Show. VW has been selling an Outback rival in Australia (yes, where the Outback actually is) for some time now called the Passat Alltrack. But ever since VW dropped the Passat wagon in the US in 2011 when the current Passat sedan launched, the automaker has been exploring ways to reengage the wagon market. The big question is whether it'll even make a dent in Outback sales considering Subaru buyers in general are an extremely loyal bunch. In other words, VW may have a tough time with this one.

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