Volkswagen to Reinvent the Scirocco

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If VW decides to continue with its plan, then we can expect to see the next-gen Scirocco undergo some significant changes.

Although not currently sold in the US, the Volkswagen Scirocco has been a hit overseas, especially in Europe. Based on the outgoing Golf platform, the Scirocco shares most of the former's mechanical components and underpinnings but it's wrapped in a sleeker and sportier body. Now that the new seventh-gen Golf is out of the bag, VW is currently working on the next Scirocco which, according to VW's design chief, will "be completely different" than it is now.


Speaking to CarAdvice at the New York Auto Show, Walter de Silva stated that VW didn't "want to repeat the body style of the (current) Scirocco, we want to change that." Strange thing is, even the original Giorgetto Giugiaro-designed Scirocco was a three-door hatchback, as is the current one. So does this mean we can expect to see the next Scirocco break into new territory? de Silva isn't giving away any details, only confirming that his team is working on the project and he has a goal of making the car even sportier. No word yet either as to when it'll arrive but a concept version at next year's Geneva show sounds like a solid possibility.

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