Volkswagen Unveils Pictures of 2012 Golf Cabrio

Volkswagen has just released a gallery of photos featuring the drop-top version of their extremely popular Golf hatchback. Thing is, the U.S. already has the Eos convertible, which has just received a facelift. Because of this, Volkswagen won't be selling the (in our opinion) better-looking Golf Cabrio here in the near future. According to the official press release, the Golf Cabrio was built from 1979 until 2002 with over 680,000 units sold.

The new car, however, lacks the roll bar of its predecessors. In place of this, its function is now being performed by "an extremely fast rollover protection system that deploys in fractions of a second." Available with a wide variety of engines, including both gasoline and diesel, the Golf Cabriolet will go on sale in Europe shortly.

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