Volkswagen Updates the Bora

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Folllowing the debut of the new Santana last month, Volkswagen has unveiled a facelift for the Bora sedan in China.

If you recognize the name Bora, it's probably because that was the nameplate Volkswagen used for the Jetta in Europe. Taking its name from a wind (just like Passat, Scirocco and Golf), the Bora name is still used in China, although the car it's applied to is different from the Jetta sold in North America. Based on the PQ34 platform, the new Bora has just been revealed for the Chinese market. Borrowing some design elements from the Jetta, the new Bora has been upgraded to fall in line with Volkswagen's conservative contemporary design language.

That means a subtly chromed grille flush with the squared-off headlights, first and foremost, while the interior has been upgraded with wood and chrome as well. Motivation is provided by a 1.4-liter turbo four with 122 horsepower and BlueMotion enviro-tech like stop/start ignition and brakeforce recuperation systems.

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