Volkswagen Updates the Gol/Voyage

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A facelift for Volkswagen's top-selling South American hatchback and sedan.

No, the title is not a typo. We're not talking about the Golf, we're talking about the Volkswagen Gol. Never heard of it? You would if you lived in South America, where the Gol is one of the most popular models on the market. Smaller than the Polo and Golf hatchbacks (but larger than the Up! city car), the Gol takes its name from the Portuguese and Spanish word for "goal". In order to keep it at the top of the market - and in line with its latest design language - VW has given the Gol a bit of a facelift.

Changes include a new grille, bumper and headlights styled similar to those found on other Volkswagens of late, along with new tail lamps and lift-gate at the back. The interior has likewise been refreshed for a nicer, more contemporary look. A new flex-fuel one-liter engine produces 72 horsepower on gasoline or 76 on ethanol, which remains a popular fuel option particularly in Brazil. A range of other engines are also on offer, and buyers can choose between hatchback and Voyage sedan body-styles.

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