Volkswagen Using Creepy Old Ladies And Tanner Faust To Sell Diesel Cars

Even for VW, this is a strange ad campaign.

Volkswagen has been known to take some chances with advertising, and its latest publicity campaign, “Diesel Old Wives' Tales,” aims to dispel the outdated opinions that many Americans still have about diesel. Any look at diesel sales figures in recent years could tell you that attitudes have been changing already, but VW apparently doesn't think they're changing fast enough. So now we get ads where old women creepily hit on Tanner Faust, for some reason we don't understand.

This one is meant to show just how wrong the idea is that diesels are slow. This is naturally where Tanner Faust comes in, as he knows a thing or two about driving fast.

This one is basically just old ladies shouting at each other. It reminds us of how BMW is using a very similar strategy to sell the X5, and how that one strikes us as weird as well.

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