Volkswagen Wants All-Time Nurburgring Lap Record


Porsche may not be the Nurburgring king for much longer.

Having set an astonishing outright lap record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this year, Volkswagen has already proven the I.D. R's performance prowess. But now the automaker wants to take the car to the Nurburgring to set a new lap record. Autocar has learned that Volkswagen Motorsport is preparing to unleash the electric prototype onto the Green Hell next year to attempt a new record, with testing reportedly beginning in May 2019.


The aim will be to set a new electric lap record before the launch of the Volkswagen I.D. Neo hatchback later in the year. To do that, it will need to beat the record EV time set by the 1,341-hp Nio EP9 at six minutes and 45.90 seconds.

However, Autocar sources suggest that data gained in early simulation tests indicate Volkswagen could beat the current outright lap record set by Porsche in a modified 919 Evo Hybrid race car, which completed a lap around the 12.9-mile circuit in just five minutes and 19.55 seconds at an average speed of 145.3 mph.


According to Autocar, Volkswagen is currently modifying the 680-hp electric race car in preparation for its Nurburgring debut. Modifications include a new aerodynamic package that will enable a higher top speed than the Pikes Peak car, which was limited to 150 mph, and changes to the electric drive system.

"We're still at an early stage of preparation, but we've already seen lap times below 5min 30sec in the simulator," an insider with knowledge of Volkswagen Motorsport's Nurburgring plans told Autocar. "There's more to come, we're sure". Sounds like Porsche may not be the Nurburgring king for much longer. Watch this space.


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