Volkswagen Wants to Build a Four-Door XL1

And it certainly won't be cheap.

Anyone remember the Volkswagen XL1 hybrid? In case you don’t, it’s the ultralight and ultra-aerodynamic plug-in diesel hybrid VW revealed over a year ago and is now in very limited production. It’s packed with technology and is basically an example of what VW has in mind for its future cars. It costs roughly $146,000 and achieves a record-setting 261 mpg. And now, according to Autocar, VW is keen to put into production an XL2, essentially a four-door version of the XL1.

But it’s not so simple just to add an extra set of doors. VW sources indicate that most of the XL1’s technology will be carried over, specifically the front and rear subframes and suspension and braking systems. What will need to be completely redesigned from scratch is the carbon fiber tub. More than likely, the XL2 would feature a pair of rear-hinged doors similar to what’s found on the BMW i3. As far as the powertrain goes, the XL1’s twin-cylinder diesel and electric motor will probably need to be upgraded with additional power in order to handle the additional weight and to retain the driving range. No word yet on a potential launch time frame, but it seems that VW is intent to get this up and running fairly soon.

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