Volkswagen Wants To Build Flying Cars

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This could seriously happen.

If you thought Volkswagen's quest to eventually be an electric vehicle-only automaker was bold, then you'd better think again. The carmaker has begun doing a feasibility study regarding flying cars. VW isn't the only automaker examining such a possibility; Hyundai is doing the same along with other VW Group brands Audi and Porsche. VW's decision to join the club is a bit surprising, especially considering two of its most exclusive brands have already done so.

"Beyond autonomous driving the concept of vertical mobility could be a next step to take our mobility approach into the future, especially in the technically affine Chinese market," the automaker said.

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"Therefore we are investigating potential concepts and partners in a feasibility study to identify the possibility to industrialize this approach." VW's possible future flying car won't exactly be for private owners. Instead, it'll more likely be a drone that can be licensed. The sudden mad dash to get into the so-called "robo-taxi" market comes following a Morgan Stanley report stating this commercial taxi market could potentially be worth $1.5 trillion by 2040.

Audi has already joined forces with Airbus and Italdesign for its Pop.Up.Next flying taxi concept. For its part, Porsche is teaming up with Boeing. VW hasn't found or announced a potential partner just yet, though any future updates on this matter will depend on what the feasibility study indicates.

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The future of robo-taxis should be quite interesting and it's fascinating to see the VW Group embark on such a potentially massive project. At the moment, it's mainly concentrating on the launch of its all-electric vehicles, such as the VW ID.4 and the just-revealed Audi e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT. But there is one key commonality between EVs and flying taxis: battery-powered electric motors.

Although we shouldn't expect to see "hover conversions" done to regular vehicles like those from "Back to the Future: Part 2:", the fact that flying cars at some level are even happening is still extremely exciting.

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