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Volkswagen Will Attempt To Do What Tesla Couldn't

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Share its EV technology with the world.

The best way to maximize the cost of a new vehicle is to share platforms across a lineup. Volkswagen has become the master of this practice with platforms like the MQB, which underpin models ranging from the Golf to the Atlas. The VW Group will take a similar approach with upcoming EV models like the Porsche Taycan, which will share its platform with future Audi and Bentley products.

We also know VW is working on a range of affordable electric vehicles which will be sold under the upcoming ID lineup. The ID range will include a hatchback, crossover, and even a van, all based on the same MEB platform.

Like a Tesla, the MEB platform houses its batteries in the floorpan, making it easy to fit different bodies on top of it. We initially believed Tesla would shift from building its own cars to supplying other automakers with a viable EV platform. According to German newspaper Tagesspiegel, VW will take this approach with the MED platform.

Michael Jost, Head of Strategy for VW told Tagesspiegel, "Our modular system for electric cars - the modular electrification kit (MEB) - should be a standard not only for the VW Group," and that the company is already in "some advanced discussions" about licensing the platform out to competitors. This means we could eventually see VW platforms underpinning cars from other automakers.

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Ford and VW have already announced a partnership to build mid-size trucks and investigate opportunities for electric vehicles, so having access to VW's MEB platform seems like the perfect strategy for Ford to enter the affordable EV segment. "This is a paradigm shift for us," said Jost. "We have no elite plan, but a plan for the company."

If VW is successful in selling its EV platform to other automakers, it could cement itself into the global market for years to come. We think this is a brilliant move for VW and we are surprised Tesla didn't manage to do it first.