Volkswagen Will Revive Legendary Ford Capri As Electric SUV

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It'll be the pair's second collaboration on an electric vehicle, and fans of the original won't like it.

It seems the Blue Oval is on a mission to upset as many of its old-school fans as possible, as the beloved Ford Capri is reportedly returning as a compact crossover powered by electricity. As if that's not bad enough, this new Ford electric SUV will be a Volkswagen wearing a Capri SUV suit.

According to Motor Authority, the Ford Capri coupe is dead, and the electric crossover that will replace it will be built on Volkswagen's highly adaptable MEB platform.

In case you're not familiar with the Capri, it was a gorgeous four-seat coupe and was even sold in the USA under the Mercury badge.

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It was massively appealing to Europeans, primarily because of its looks. The same can be said of the Ford Mustang, another name the American automaker uses for an electric crossover. In that context, we guess a Ford Capri SUV makes sense in the European market.

This will be the second Ford crossover built on the MEB platform. Earlier this year, Ford unveiled the electric Euro-spec Explorer, which is nowhere near as imposing as our version of the Explorer. We suspect the electric Capri won't make it to the USA, if only because the name doesn't carry the same weight on this side of the pond.

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Expect performance and range similar to that of the Volkswagen ID.3, which is not sold in the USA because anything smaller than the ID.4 is too dinky.

It will be interesting to see how long this Ford and Volkswagen partnership lasts. The two automakers joined forces years ago to develop the next-generation Ranger and Amarok. The partnership then extended to Ford being allowed to use the MEB platform, but would VW allow the American automaker access to its next-generation SSP platform?

The new architecture, expected to debut in 2026, can offer up to 1,700 horsepower, and loads of grunt would be fitting for something wearing a Capri badge. Alas, the electric crossover Capri is expected to debut in 2024 with the same powertrain options as the Euro-spec Explorer. That means 168 hp at the least and 335 hp at the most.

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