Volkswagen Will Sell You A Repaired Diesel With Up To 25 Percent Off


But there's a specific diesel engine this offer is good for.

Over the past couple of years, 'diesel' has become a tainted word within the auto industry, especially in America. That's where the whole Dieselgate affair started. But VW, as part of its settlement with the US and overseas governments, agreed to buy back and fix customer cars inflicted with a faulty diesel engine. It's taken some time but those engines are now repaired and Volkswagen is anxious to unload them. Cars Direct has discovered that there are currently some huge discounts on government-approved repaired 3.0-liter diesels right now.

How does up to $13,000 (25 percent off MSRP) in savings sound to you on a used VW or Audi? From now until January 2, VW is offering the following discounts on its 3.0-liter diesel V6: $25% off MSRP on 2014 models, 20% off MSRP on 2015s, and 15% off on 2016s. To calculate the discount, VW simply went with the original MSRP with optional equipment, excluding the destination charge. So, for example, you could buy yourself a 2014 VW Touareg TDI Sport, MSRP $51,610 (before destination), with 240 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque for $38,708. What about a 2015 Audi Q7 TDI? Given the above savings and a base MSRP (again, excluding destination) of $53,400, you're looking at an $11,000 discount.

There must be a fair number of them in stock because Audi is further offering 1.9% APR financing for 66 months, or a 72-month rate of 2.49%. If you're the owner of any 2005 or newer Audi you'll also receive a $1,000 loyalty discount. Earlier this year, VW sold discounted and repaired 2.0-liter diesel vehicles with also attractive discounts and financing rates. But the vehicles powered with the 3.0-liter diesel are unquestionably in a different league (compared to, say, a VW Golf). There may never be a better or cheaper time to buy a used Touareg or Q7.


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