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Volkswagen Working On New Compact Crossover To Fight Jeep Renegade

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Now we know why the T-Cross won’t be sold in the US.

Last week, Volkswagen expanded its family of SUVs with the all-new T-Cross. However, the small urban crossover will only be available in Europe – and we now know why. While Volkswagen has already said the T-Cross is simply too small to sell well in America, Car and Driver has learned the automaker is developing a new entry-level crossover specifically for the American market that will slot below the Tiguan. The unnamed crossover is designed to compete against the Jeep Renegade and Honda HR-V, allowing VW to capitalize on the booming subcompact crossover market in the US.

It is also likely to ride on the modular MQB platform that underpins the Atlas and will be larger than the T-Cross and T-Roc, but will probably be smaller than the Tiguan. It may borrow styling cues from its European siblings, but don't expect it to simply be an Americanized version of either model.

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In terms of powertrains, the subcompact crossover is likely to feature a turbocharged four-cylinder engine as well as a choice of front or all-wheel drive. Adding all-wheel drive is probably a wise move as Toyota's North American executive vice president of sales has admitted that sales of the C-HR are suffering because it doesn't offer all-wheel drive. Car and Driver claims Volkswagen's new subcompact crossover won't arrive until 2020, however, so Jeep doesn't have to worry just yet.