Volkswagen's ID.Buzz Plans Come To Light

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An icon will soon be reborn.

The upcoming production-spec VW ID.Buzz is a big deal for the German automaker. Not only will it be all-electric, but also revives the spirit of the iconic Type 2 bus. The retro-styled EV won't be a limited edition but rather a regular series production model that VW wants the masses to buy. To help accomplish this, VW is planning to launch three unique versions of the vehicle, according to Automotive News Europe.

The goal is to tailor-make the EV for both the US and Europe to accommodate buyer preferences. For example, the US model will get a four-seat ride-hailing variant specifically for individual or small groups. Two seats will face forward and two facing toward the rear.

Side View Driving Volkswagen Open Cargo Area Volkswagen Rear Angle View Volkswagen
Side View Driving
Open Cargo Area
Rear Angle View

A six-seat passenger model will be seen throughout Europe for "ride-pooling" services. A third version, which we long suspected was going to happen, is the ID.Buzz Cargo Van, which also previously debuted in concept form. As its names suggest, it'll strictly be a commercial van for delivery companies as VW wants to a piece of the online shopping boom action.

The German automaker, which aims to become the world's largest producer of EVs, continues to test Level 4 self-driving autonomy. It hopes to have it ready by 2025. The cargo van variant will probably be one of the first vehicles to receive the system.

Interior Rundown Volkswagen Table Volkswagen Center Console Lid Volkswagen
Interior Rundown
Center Console Lid

"Our answer is autonomous delivery vans for the distribution networks of tomorrow, where delivery workers no longer need driver's licenses and become passengers who focus on their loads and the order of deliveries," said VW's development head for self-driving, Christian Senger, earlier this month at the carmaker's Strategy 2030 live presentation.

Mobility services are expected to become a huge source of revenue for automakers who have the technology and product to sell. VW believes it can earn as much as 70 billion euros ($82.4 billion) from mobility offerings in Europe's five biggest markets by 2030. The ID.Buzz (a name change is likely) rides on the same MEB dedicated EV architecture as the ID.4. Along with a totally different exterior design, the retro van's interior layout will have its own unique look and feel.

Frontal Aspect Volkswagen Backup Camera Volkswagen Charge Port Volkswagen
Frontal Aspect
Backup Camera
Charge Port
Source Credits: Automotive News Europe

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