Volkswagen's New Remote Parking Tech Is Brilliant

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VW's smart new tech will make parking significantly less stressful.

Nobody enjoys parking. It's one of the least enjoyable aspects of driving, but thankfully technology is helping make the experience significantly less stressful. Polestar recently partnered with EasyPark to develop a new app that makes parking the Polestar 2 easier. And now Volkswagen is introducing smart new tech that enables the Touareg to automatically drive into and out of parking spaces with no driver behind the wheel.

Volkswagen already offers a Park Assist for all 2019 models and above that takes over the steering, but the driver is still required to control the accelerator and braking. Taking this a step further, Volkswagen's new Park Assist with remote control works fully automatically, controlling the accelerator and brake. In Europe, the Touareg is the first VW model to feature this technology, but Car & Driver reports it will also be available in the US starting with the 2022 Volkswagen ID.4.

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Two modes are available. In the first mode, the driver sits in the SUV and controls the parking system. By tapping the "P" field on the infotainment system, the Touareg automatically searches for a parking space. Once detected, available parking spaces are displayed on the infotainment system. After selecting a parking space, the driver is required to continuously press the "Drive" button under the gear knob on the center console.

Using twelve ultrasound sensors and four cameras located in the windshield, side mirrors, and trunk lid, the Touareg can then automatically park itself in any type of parking space or garage, while a "sensor fusion" can detect objects. If the Drive button is released, the Touareg stops instantaneously.

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In the second mode, the driver can remotely park the SUV using a smartphone. After selecting a parking space, the driver can take out the key, get out of the SUV, and start the parking maneuver using VW's Remote Park Assist Plus app. For safety reasons, the "Drive" button must be pressed continuously. Using the remote parking feature, the Touareg can also be driven out of a tight parking space, eliminating the need for the driver to squeeze into the SUV. This can be activated by simply starting the engine on the app and selecting one of the available maneuvers such as "Forward left" or "Forward right" and pressing the "Drive" button to remotely drive out of the parking space.

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