Volkswagen's R Division Isn't Bothered By 0-60 Sprint Times

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Future high-performance VW EVs must remain fun to drive.

When will the horsepower wars end? It's a question we often ask, and going hand-in-hand with that is the feeling that surely the apex of straight-line performance is upon us, although the likes of Tesla continue to push the envelope. But there are some industry bosses who still believe that driving enjoyment comes first.

Gordon Murray is one such example; despite his T.50's massively powerful V12 engine, he insists that an engaging driving experience was the top priority. Outside of the exotics, the Mazda MX-5 is proof that driving enjoyment and blistering acceleration don't always need to coexist. Now, according to a report by Autocar, Jost Capito, the boss of Volkswagen's high-performance R division, feels similarly.

Automotive Mike
Automotive Mike

"Pure acceleration doesn't matter," said Capito when making reference to future electrified powertrains that could power R-badged VWs. "It's more about how you go from 60-100 mph because that's when it's really fun," he said. We're all for high-performance cars where drivability rather than the best possible acceleration times off the mark is a top priority.

This move to electrified power won't happen with the upcoming Golf R, though, which Jost confirmed won't even have hybrid power earlier this year. That said, a high-performance Volkswagen EV sports car has been hinted at before by CEO Ralf Brandstatter when he was asked about the possibility. We could also envision an electric version of the stylish VW Arteon R, which sadly isn't coming to the US, to give the Tesla Model 3 a run for its money.


The highly flexible MEB platform, which already underpins the new ID.4 electric car, could be used for a future sports car of this type. There's no telling how long we'll need to wait for an R-badged EV, but a recent sighting of the Golf R confirms that there's an "old-school" internal combustion engine under the hood - expect to hear the familiar sound of a more powerful turbo-four emanating from its quad-exit tailpipes. At least we know that whether it's electric power or otherwise, future VW R cars will still be fun to drive.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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