Volkwagen Golf Cabrio Set to Return in 2011

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Not a fan of the Volkswagen Eos? Still looking for a drop top Volkswagen that's not a New Beetle? Your dilemma apparently has been solved. Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn has confirmed plans to return the famed Golf Cabrio to market by late 2011. The automaker will be adding approximately 1,800 jobs to its Onsabruck, Germany plant to help handle the task. What we're wondering is how much the new Cabrio will interfere on Eos territory?

Although it's never sold well, the Eos has undergone a refresh and is set to debut at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show. A significant difference between the two cars is that the Golf will feature a soft top, whereas the Eos has a folding one. The Eos also does not have the Golf Cabrio's famed history. It was beloved by many in both the US and Europe due to its affordability and sporty looks. No word yet on whether the Cabrio will be sold stateside, but with Volkswagen looking to significantly increase US sales, there's a decent chance it'll be available. Photos are of the 2002 VW Golf Cabriolet

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