Volt Vs. ELR: the Battle Between 2 GM Plug-Ins

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Despite the same technology, the ELR costs nearly double over the Volt.

GM is and should be proud of what it has accomplished in terms of plug-in hybrid technology. First came the Chevrolet Volt, a compact sedan that may not look like all that much from the outside, but underneath it's an impressive display of technology that provides owners with outstanding fuel economy. It may not have the styling that appeals to everyone, but it does its job extremely well.

And now there's the Cadillac ELR, a luxury coupe with every bit of the Volt's hi-tech, only it's wrapped in a much more delicious-looking package. Sounds good, but there's a huge downside: price. Try $35k vs. $75k. So if you're willing to spend big on the ELR, why not just get a Tesla Model S.

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