Volvo 245 Drifts with Supra Power

Will it drift? It sure will when it has a Supra engine under the hood.

These days Volvos may come in either front-drive or all-wheel drive, but back in the day the Swedish automaker's body sedans and wagons were almost exclusively rear-drivers. That makes cars like the 240 wagon curiously favored among hot-rodders and drifters, like the ones you see in this video. Apparently some hoons in Sweden took the typical two-liter four-banger that usually sits under the square hood of a Volvo 245 and replaced it with the 3.0-liter inline-six from a Toyota Supra.

With twin turbochargers, it produced 276 horsepower straight from the factory, but was often tuned to produce even more. And if you're going to go through the pains of swapping it out of a sportscar and into a station wagon, you'd might as well tune the heck out of it. The result is not only a strange drift-mobile, but also a real sleeper if we've ever seen one.

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