Volvo and Google Team Up For Next-Gen Infotainment System

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The new system is set to offer the most personalized experience yet.

The upcoming electric Volvo XC40 has got people buzzing with its fully electric drivetrain and quirky city styling, but Volvo's latest announcement has sweetened the deal even further. Most cars on the market worth their salt offer Google Android Auto integration as part of their infotainment offering. The Android Auto system connects your phone to the car you're driving and offers a simplified interface that makes using apps such as Google Maps a hassle-free affair.

The team over at Volvo responsible for designing the XC40's infotainment system couldn't rest easy knowing that its new futuristic EV would be sharing an interface with the rest of the crowd. Volvo and Google have enjoyed years of collaboration, so when the Swedish automaker suggested working on an improved system, Google responded with a resounding yes.


What they've come up with is a streamlined and more user-friendly system that uses a fully integrated Android platform unique to the new Volvo. The new tool updates automatically which means the XC40 will only get better with time, instead of remaining stagnant as so many other cars do as soon as they leave the factory floor, and places Volvo at the forefront of automotive infotainment and connectivity.

The tailor-made system will support Volvo's identity of building some of the safest cars on the road by keeping the driver's attention on the road, instead of trying to operate an overcomplicated and user-unfriendly infotainment system.

2019-2020 Volvo XC40 Cargo Space Volvo

"We are finally giving you the same experience in your car that you're used to on your phone, but adapted for safe interaction while driving," says Henrik Green, Chief Technology Officer at Volvo Cars. "And by introducing over-the-air updates for everything from maintenance to completely new features, the car can stay as fresh as your other digital products, always with the latest and greatest features."


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