Volvo And Polestar Are Planning Something Naughty This May

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Time to demonstrate more performance capabilities?

Nearly everyone was caught off guard in 2017 when Volvo announced its S60 Polestar had set a new Nurburgring production sedan lap record. Interestingly, that record was set an entire year prior. Now that Polestar has become a standalone brand and its stunning One grand touring coupe has been revealed, are future trips to the Green Hell or any world-class track in the pipeline? We spoke with Polestar chief operations officer Jonathon Goodman at Geneva and brought up this very subject.

Now, it's important to remember future Polestar vehicles will be EVs whereas the One is a hybrid, though it has a 93-mile range on battery power. So is Polestar aiming to set new EV and/or hybrid performance records? Possibly. "Around May there might be something we're saying about the first of these," Goodman told us with a smile and wink. "I don't think it'll be the pure out performance that we've had currently. I think in the next few months you'll be hearing a lot more about it." We also asked what was behind the decision to wait 12 months to announce the S60 Polestar's impressive 7:51.110 'Ring time.

"I can honestly say that if I had been at Polestar then I wouldn't have waited a year," Goodman said. Hopefully we'll be hearing more this May. "What we're trying to do is position our cars that are fabulous to drive. That means they're not going to be the fastest to 60 mph or absolute top speed, but what we want is that when you come into that first corner you're like 'Wow, that's one hell of a car.'" Polestar is a complete blank slate; it's in that rare and prime position of being able to define itself as a brand, whose cars are not only technologically advanced with carbon fiber construction and a low center of gravity along with state-of-the-art battery technology, but are also wonderful to drive.

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