Volvo And Starbucks Embark On The Ultimate Recharging Adventure

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Now, both the driver and vehicle can charge their batteries.

Volvo has lofty aspirations for the electrified future. The Swedish carmaker intends on switching over to all-electric by 2030 and, as such, has revealed intentions for several battery-powered models, such as the next-generation XC90. The brand is also exploring unique charging applications, with XC40 Recharge taxis using wireless charging in Gothenburg.

Now the company's US subsidiary has announced another unique charging solution. Together with Chargepoint, Volvo Car USA will install up to 60 DC fast chargers at 15 Starbucks locations. The stations will be placed along a 1,350-mile route, stretching from the Denver area to the coffee company's headquarters in Seattle. The chargers will be placed approximately 100 miles apart.

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The new initiative will bring added convenience to EV owners. When plugged into one of ChargePoint's DC fast chargers, the C40 Recharge can charge from 20% to 90% in around 40 minutes, giving owners ample time to enjoy their preferred Starbucks drink of choice. Volvo drivers are at an advantage; they enjoy the service at no charge or better rates. The setup is open to all EVs, but for a fee.

"Volvo Cars wants to give people the freedom to move and lower their impact on the environment," said Volvo Car USA CEO, Anders Gustafsson. "Working with Starbucks we can do that by giving them enjoyable places to relax while their cars recharge."

If your Volvo has built-in Google, you can simply use the integrated ChargePoint app to find the closest charging station. Alternatively, the ChargePoint smartphone app can also be utilized to find a nearby Starbucks equipped with the handy charging service. The brand says the project should be completed by the end of 2022.

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Charging is the more mundane part of EV ownership and often puts many prospective customers off the prospect. Additionally, long road trips are often not ideal as routes need to be carefully planned. This initiative will, at least, assuage the concerns of many EV drivers who travel between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest regularly. We'd like to see the idea stretch across the country, though.

Several carmakers have taken to creating alternative charging solutions for customers. Very recently, Kia announced it will offer a two-month subscription to EV owners, allowing them to enjoy mobile charging. The owner simply schedules when charging will be convenient for them, instead of wasting time at a conventional charging station.

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