Volvo Builds A Record-Beating 2,400-Horsepower Semi-Truck Cause It Can

Hey, truckers like to have fun too.

Once Volvo actually let a four-year old drive one of its commercial trucks, and even though we know that preschoolers don’t run the company it sometimes seems that way. That’s because Volvo likes little more than to use its trucks for some crazy stunts that fall further outside the realm of normality than even Ken Block is accustomed to. In its most recent act, Volvo strapped a quad-turbocharged 12.8-liter straight-six diesel D13 engine to its Iron Night semi-truck to set a new world record.

With all of the custom goodies, the engine now washes 2,400 horsepower and 4,425 lb-ft of torque down the I-Shift dual-clutch transmission that’s been fitted with a new clutch to handle the power. We’re pretty sure the record will stay in Volvo’s hands for a while.

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