Volvo C30 Electric Under Way

Volvo has begun producing the C30 Electric, which is a compact-sized three-door hatch, after the Swedish automaker tested around 50 prototypes of the car in the fall of 2010. They are now planning to produce approximately 250 C30 electrics by the end of 2012 with some of them destined for Belgium, Norway and, naturally, Sweden. The Australian division of Volvo has also expressed interest in importing the car as well.

The EV batteries can be recharged from a regular gas station with a seven hour capacity and driving range of around 100 miles. The Electric C30 can go from 0-30 mph in 4 seconds and can reach a top speed of 80 mph. We can also be sure that Volvo will include its usual list of safety features to the EV as well. We're also interested in whether the C30 EV will be brought to China, considering Volvo now has Chinese owners.

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