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Volvo Cars And Trucks Will Talk To Each Other To Keep You Safe

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Is this the first step towards crash-proof cars?

It is fairly well-known that Volvo builds some of the safest cars on the road. The Swedish automaker is relentless in its pursuit to build a "death-proof" car by 2020 through the use of advanced safety technologies. The company's latest feat is the sharing of real-time data between cars and trucks. Volvo cars will team up with Volvo trucks to improve its connected safety technology, a cloud-based system which allows vehicles to communicate with each other and alert drivers of upcoming hazards on the road.

Volvo's goal is to help connect vehicles to each other to prevent accidents. From 2018 and onward, live data from Volvo models sold in Sweden will be shared between vehicles. Volvo has only announced this feature in its home country of Sweden, with no word on when the feature will arrive in other markets. The connected data will come from the company's own Hazard Light Alert system, which alerts other drivers when a vehicle ahead has turned on its hazard lights. This particular feature could be handy over the hill crests and through blind corners when it may be too late to stop after seeing a car stopped with its hazard lights on.

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The Hazard Light Alert has been available since 2016 on Volvo's 90 and 60 series cars as well as the XC40. It is only a matter of time before cars start to share more data with each other such as braking and steering inputs, which could help Volvo reach its goal for death-proof cars.