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Volvo Celebrates 50 Years Of The P1800

While automakers such as Mercedes-Benz put on lavish celebrations to commemorate milestones, such as the German automaker's 125th anniversary, Volvo is celebrating 50 years of its iconic P1800. The Swedish automaker is celebrating the car that was once the most "international" car of its time. It was conceived in Sweden, designed in Italy, and built in the U.K. However, its most successful market was in the U.S.

Originally launched in 1961, it took Volvo four years to design it from start to finish. It was built until 1973. The intention for it was to draw large crowds to Volvo dealerships, with the hope they would be interested in buying other Volvo models. The two-door coupe had a steel body and new B18 I4 engine that produced 100hp in the sport version. Beginning in 1962, it appeared on the U.K. television series The Saint. In fact, star Roger Moore liked the car so much that he bought one for himself.

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