Shooting Brake

Volvo Concept Estate is Swedish for Sexy

Sexy (almost) like the Swedish Bikini Team.

Only a few years ago it would have been hard to believe that a Volvo could be described as sexy. Well, that day has officially come with arrival of the Concept Estate here at Geneva. We loved the previous Concept Coupe, but the new Estate is the one we’d really, really love to see make production. Without question, it’s a present day update to the classic Volvo 1800ES shooting brake that was sold back in the 1970s. More importantly, the Concept Estate is yet another clear preview to the automaker’s upcoming styling language.

Gone are the days of squares and bricks. We’re now looking at striking lines inside and out. The glass roof is a particularly nice touch, and the overall look of this shooting brake, from every angle, is pure eye candy. Yes, it’s just two doors, but so is the Ferrari FF (that’s a good thing). Plus, there’s that big rear liftgate. The interior is equally gorgeous, especially with that Tesla Model S-like touch screen panel. The question now is whether Volvo will build it. Oh, do we hope so.

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