Volvo EX30 Small SUV Is Going Big On Safety

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The upcoming small electric crossover touts safety bits focused on in-city driving.

The upcoming Volvo EX30 may be the smaller and cheaper SUV for younger Americans, but new details from the automaker reveal that it's going big on safety. More particularly, its host of safety features will be focused on safer in-city drives.

In reference to Cycling UK's research that found "car dooring" as one of the common causes of bicycle crashes, Volvo said that the EX30 will come with audible and visual door-opening alerts for when a cyclist or other cars are approaching. The pint-sized SUV will also have a new driver-alert system that monitors a driver's eyes and face movements via a special sensor up to 13 times a second.


An intersection auto brake feature will come standard with the EX30, as well. With this equipped, the car can sense if an oncoming vehicle is in the path while turning right or left. The system will automatically engage the brakes when that happens, avoiding collisions or lessening the impact of a crash - a feature first introduced on the bigger Volvo XC90.

Volvo also claims to have strengthened the small SUV's A, B, and C pillars, as well as the roof. It also designed the structure to keep the battery's integrity during a crash. A far-side airbag has also been added, located within the driver's seat to help reduce the chance of head and thorax injuries during side-impact accidents.


There isn't much that we know about the EX30 at this point, but have an inkling about its look via leaked patent images. Apparently, it borrows many design cues from the larger three-row EX90. Its side profile, however, bears a resemblance to the Volvo XC40 Recharge that you see in the photos below.

The Volvo EX30 is scheduled for a full reveal on June 7, 2023, targeting young car buyers and those who prefer tech-heavy rides. An earlier report said that the EX30 can be acquired via a subscription service as another means to bring in the younger demographic.


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