Volvo Has Built a Whole City and Track to Play Safe On

Safety Technology

AstaZero Proving Ground is entirely dedicated to safety tech.

Alongwith several European governments and universities, Volvo has dedicated itselfto the ambitious goal of ending road fatalities by the year 2020. As part ofthis effort, the company has inaugurated the AstaZero Proving Ground, a mockcity and track used solely to test and develop safety technologyand equipment. The 500-acre area includes a 62 acre city, complete withbuildings, sidewalks, and crosswalks, along with a wide array of testing conditions.

This way, Volvo engineers can realistically examine theirnewly-developed systems in conditions such as traffic jams, congestion,pedestrian and wildlife crossings, in addition to various adverseweather conditions. There is also an entourage of autonomous cars drivingaround at all times. Is this the first step towards an ultra-safe future, orjust the Swedes' idea of a very expensive Lego set?

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