Volvo Has No Plans for a 7 Series Rival (For Now)

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It seems as if Volvo just can't decide what to do.

Only a couple of weeks ago reports surfaced claiming that Volvo was once again seriously considering a move into the uber luxury large sedan market. With models like the BMW 7 Series and Audi A8 in its sights, Volvo management and chairman Li Shufu were apparently at odds over whether such a model would be in its best interest. Management was against it and the chairman was for it. Now comes a report claiming there is no disagreement, plus Volvo has no intention of building a car larger than the S80 sedan.


A recent statement from the Chinese-owned automaker states that "There is a full agreement that Volvo Cars is not going to expand its sedan product range above the mid-luxury/executive car segment where Volvo currently is present with the S80 and S80L." However, the PR rep did add that "within that segment, Volvo will look into various executions in order to satisfy the needs of different customer groups." In other words, Volvo is still keeping the door open for a potential 7 Series fighter, but to us it sounds like they may opt to target the 5 Series/Audi A6 segment instead. Then again, should Volvo even bother with the extreme luxury market at all?

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