Volvo Is Betting That Its New In-House Tuner Can Compete With AMG

Koenigsegg proved the Swedes can make fast cars, but now its Volvo's turn.

Europe may no longer be at war with itself, but each country on the continent is still trying to find a way to crush the others. Thanks to advice from Gandhi and winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, this new war isn’t being fought with guns but with horsepower and, now, in-house tuning divisions. It seems that the Swedes have mobilized against the Germans because Volvo has just announced that it will be offering performance parts for the S60, V60, and XC60 through Polestar, its recently acquired tuning company.

Mercedes has AMG and BMW has M, so it's good that Volvo is making Polestar its in-house tuner to tackle a market where only a few manufacturers play. Just like BMW’s M division, Volvo buyers can get the entire package or just buy individual Polestar parts to install under warranty. Upgrades include exhausts, rear diffusers, suspension parts, and wheels. Interior and exterior upgrades are also available to make sure AMG and M drivers take you seriously. You’ll have to wait until April 4th to buy Polestar parts, so stop spending your money on the topless pole stars and save up for the Polestar that will really get your significant other mad at you. Thank you, I'll be here all week.

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