Volvo Is Prepping A Tuned Polestar S90 To Take On Germany's Fastest


How much power will this tuned hybrid pack?

Hot on the heels of Volvo dropping images and information on its new S90 sedan comes word that the Swedish automaker will offer a tuned version of its beautiful new four-door. The tuning will come from Polestar, which Volvo recently acquired. Now when one thinks Volvo, fast cars don’t usually come to mind. However, the automaker has been offering Polestar versions of its cars for some time now. In fact, the S60 and V60 Polestar models sold surprisingly well. Naturally, that means the S90 will get the same treatment.

Okay, so it won’t exactly be the same treatment. Volvo boss Hakan Samuelsson hinted to Autocar that the S90 Polestar could go the hybrid route. “How we bring the brand to market is open, but one way we are definitely looking at is for Polestar to focus on electrification," he said. While that’s not really a definitive answer either way, Volvo research and development chief Peter Mertens was much more blunt. “Polestar will still be sophisticated performance; it’s not just a case of doing a ‘boy racer’ by dropping a big engine in there. Hybrid power is the direction that Polestar will go in. In a way, Tesla has legitimised electric performance, although Polestar will be more sophisticated again. We want to be able to offer high performance without regrets.”

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Okay, so it looks like a hybrid S90 is a lock. That excites us, especially since the range-topping S90 will already kick out 400 horsepower. Also, that Polestar blue is quite easy on the eyes. The world will be a better place with more cars offered in that color.