Volvo Is Selling The Ultra-Sexy V90 Wagon In The US, But There's A Catch


Would you buy a new car if you couldn't test drive it or see it in the metal?

Volvo is hedging its bets when it comes to the new V90, which will be sold in the US. Pricing starts at $50,945 for the V90 R-Design. That model is front-wheel drive and comes equipped with the automaker’s T5 engine, a turbocharged four-cylinder making 250 horsepower. The next model up is the T5 Inscription, which goes for $52,945. If you want a more powerful engine, as in the 316-hp T6 (still a four-banger) which is both turbocharged and supercharged, it’ll cost you $56,945 for the R-Design model.

The priciest V90 is the Inscription T6 which starts at $58,945. Right now you might be wondering where the hedging comes into play. Volvo will offer the V90 stateside, but none are actually being shipped to dealerships. Instead, customers will need to go online to order their Swedish soccer mom mobiles. Once the car is completed and the order placed (a $2,000 down payment is required) customers have two delivery options. The boring one is shipping to a local dealer. The much more awesome option is Overseas Delivery, which includes plane tickets for two and a hotel room in Gothenburg, Sweden. The package includes a tour of the V90’s factory, with delivery taking place at the company’s Factory Delivery Experience Center.

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After the hoopla is over the new V90 owner is free to drive around Europe. Getting the car back to the US is as simple as dropping it off at a designated port. No word on how much the Overseas Delivery option adds to the cost of the car or if it’s free. Buying a car, even a new one, sight unseen is risky. Also, the V90 is a couple thousand bucks more than the S90, a car which you can actually test drive at a dealership before you decide to buy it. That risk may end up being worth it in the end. The V90 is so damn sexy and practical, and it’s not a crossover! What’s not to love? We’ll keep an eye out for Volvo’s monthly sales results to see just how many people join the ultra-exclusive American V90 owners club.