Volvo Just Put A Bar In The Back Of An XC90 Because China

It's not drinking and driving if you're in the back, right?

In China it’s safe to say that luxury is valued over safety when it comes to cars...and most other things.To that end Volvo has unveiled the ultra-luxurious XC90 Excellence before itsofficial debut at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. From the outside Volvo’sflagship SUV looks a lot like a regular XC90, albeit one with chrome trim.Inside is where things get crazy, as the third row of seats has been completelyscrapped in favor of something decidedly more luxurious.

In the rear are two standalone seats that each feature a fold-outtray table, footrest, ambient lighting and massage function. If that wasn’tenough there are touchscreens in the front headrests and a refrigerator complete with a custom crystal bottle andglasses made by Orrefors, the same company that makes the XC90’s crystalshifter. For the few Chinese drivers who care, no new engineoptions will be included in the Excellence package. Volvo experienced greatsales success in China last year. As such it’s reasonable to assume that the XC90 Excellence may be the first of many China-only special editions created by the Swedish automaker. If you want the Excellence to hit America, start buying more Volvos.

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