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Volvo Launches The New S60 Sedan, And This Swede Is Built In The USA

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Volvo's long awaited entry sedan is finally here.

Volvo has been teasing us with images of the new 2019 S60 sedan, and now it is finally here. The new S60 shares a striking resemblance to its recently revealed V60 wagon sibling. Since the S60 is a sedan, it will likely sell better in the United States, where the car will be built at Volvo's new plant in Charleston, South Carolina. As expected, the S60 will be available with a variety of engine options, though this will be the first Volvo car to be sold without the option of a diesel engine. Luckily, the other engine options are all very impressive.

The most powerful engine option is the twin-charged, plug-in hybrid T8 model, which delivers 313 horsepower combined with a rear electric motor adding 87 hp. Total output for the T8 is 400 hp. Volvo will also sell the S60 in FWD T5 and AWD T6 trims, although specific power figures haven't been quoted. If the S60 is in line with the V60, expect 250 hp from the turbocharged T5 and 316 hp from the twin-charged T6. Pricing for the T5, T6, and T8 start at $35,800, $40,300 and $54,400 respectively. The T8 trim will also have a Polestar variant with changes to the interior and exterior, along with new wheels, brakes, suspension, and engine control unit.

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Polestar will boost the drivetrain up to 415 hp, and a limited volume of this sportier S60 will be offered exclusively through the Care By Volvo subscription service - though pricing hasn't been announced. The S60 will be offered with traditional purchase and lease options, and the standard S60 will also be a part of Care By Volvo on June 28th. Volvo says you should be able to subscribe to an S60 T6 AWD Momentum for $775 or a S60 T6 AWD R-Design for $850 a month. Keep in mind, these prices include insurance and maintenance. Reservations can now be made on Volvo's website.

To no one's surprise, the S60 will be one of the safest cars on the road thanks to Volvo's City Safety system with Autobrake technology. This system automatically engages the brakes to avoid a collision. The S60 will also be available with the optional Pilot Assist system, which can steer the car and control the speed up to 80 mph. We already had a good idea of what the S60 would be like thanks to the earlier reveal of the V60, but we are still impressed by what will likely be a strong entry into the luxury sedan market.